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How to fold Melitta filter into V60

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發表發表於: 星期日 十一月 06, 2011 4:58 pm    文章主題: How to fold Melitta filter into V60 引言回覆

From left to right, top to bottom: Trapezoidal Melitta filter with curved top. An easy to find filter; Fold the crimped bottom up first; Then fold the crimped side; Find the center point by folding the right to the left; Fold the right hand side to form a 90 degree side against the center mark; Do the same to the left hand side; Open up the folded filter in V60 funnel then you get a cone shape filter out of Melitta filter; This is the album cover.

As a newbie to Hario V60, I try to use whatever I have before investing in a specialized thing for V60… And, yes, I’m a cheapskate.. Very Happy

I always have a Melitta filter with me since I start drinking coffee a long while back and I try to make use of it as there is almost a box of it left.

As you know, the shape of Melitta filter is like a trapezoid with a curve top. Typically, one just folds the crimped side and you are good to go with Melitta funnel. However, the V60 is more of a perfect cone shape. How do I fit the Melitta style filter to V60 funnel?

A search through the internet did not give a satisfied result. I got one from which folds only to one side per the link below

Problem is he used Mellita #4 filter and I have #2 filter which, when fold like him, will results in a significantly smaller cone vs Hario 01 filter funnel. The filter is also not symmetrical and the small filter size with this method makes the brewing much more difficult as you have to sure that the bloom does not overflow the small filter size, making things more difficult to newbie like me to V60.

Searching in vain until I found James Hoffmann’s video on Chemex brewing below

One thing that hits me is the similarity between Chemex and V60 in term of their cone shape. Hoffmann also used trapezoidal cone to fit his Chemex and the ‘two fold’ I saw on his Chemex gives me a clue on how to fold my Melitta filter to fit V60.

First, I fold all the crimped side, starting with the bottom and the side to the same side of the filter per Melitta instruction

Then I need to fit a mid point so I fold the filter right to left.

Open the filter back and fold the right hand side to the center fold to form a 90 degree angle like what you see on coffeegeek website.

Then do the same thing to the other side. Now you have a somewhat symmetry cone. Just open the middle part in the V60 funnel and, voila!, you get a nice cone for V60 made from trapezoidal Melitta filter.

You may notice that the filter is thicker on one side vs. the other but this is the same issue one will have with Chemex filter though it seemed nobody complains about Chemex at all.
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Nice sharing. I am cheapskate too.
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