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Barista I'm impressed for the year 2012

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發表發表於: 星期日 十二月 23, 2012 10:52 pm    文章主題: Barista I'm impressed for the year 2012 引言回覆

One can't stress enough how important a barista plays in delivering a good cup of coffee. While most can write about which cafe they like, I don't read lots comment on which barista they had their coffees.

Review website like even forbid naming the personnel in the place you visit, taking one experience to the place as a whole than to a particular staff/person. True that the name naming could be abused quite easily but I think when it comes to coffee, particularly multi barista cafes, barista who served you play a significant role in your coffee experience there.


These are barista I'm impressed for espresso this year. It's definitely not all inclusive but these are baristas who I think of for respective category. Very important, in no particular order/ranking

- Alice Siu – Rabbithole Coffee & Roaster: the most versatile of all baristas this year - whatever cups you crave for, she delivers. Excellence cups too. Extremely dependable. Highly recommended without any reservation

- Derek Kapo Chiu – The Cupping Room: Amazing shots. The cups tell u why he won the HKBC 2012 title.

- Connie Wan – Amical: Very similar to Alice Siu. Her skill probably exceeds the machine set and the coffee she is using right now. A gem for Amical indeed.

- Peter Law - Espresso Alchemy: I had his cup earlier this year and still remembered how good it is. Too bad he spent much less time behind coffee bar now.

Promising barista for 2012

- Sam Siu Wai Hui - the most improved cups over the past two months while he was at Espresso Alchemy. He moved to Coffee Plus now. See whether he can move even higher/improve there

Filtered coffee

This is much more difficult to write than the first one. Seriously, I think long and hard and not many I could think of. One thing is that I brew my filtered coffee at home and love brewed coffee much more than those 'regular' coffee one found outside North America.

Yes, I am much more particular on my filtered coffee as if I want to spend, it needs to beat my cups at home by a significant margin no matter how bad I brew my coffee... Smile

These are barista/home brewers that came to my mind when I think of great filtered coffee. Unfortunately, not much professional barista I can think of when it comes to filtered coffee but I will still be on the lookout and try to more.

Again, in no particularly order/ranking and not all inclusive.

- Anonymous #1: This is a home barista which brewed a killer cup, the best I have ever had no matter local or overseas. Crisp, clean with all tasting notes presented from beginning, middle and aftertaste... Clear and long finish. Effortless brew move but delicious. We are not talking about over and underextract here. The cups are way beyond that. No, I won't give out name as the person prefers to keep a very low profile but this person exists in the flesh. And it's not me for sure. I learn a lot from this person and am looking forward for cups anytime I ran into this one which means I am really lucky

- Bryan - hand drip only: Also a home barista that I will only give out the first name. Different style from Anon #1 but also a clear, clean cup from beginning to finish. Sometimes overextracted cup but his 'off' cup will beat all cafes out there easily. I am very lucky to run into the person on pure luck.

- Alice Siu - Rabbithole Coffee & Roaster. The first barista that I think of when it comes to great coffee in both espresso and filtered coffee. Consistent and amazing cups all the time since the start early this year. She is a very dependable barista one should look for at Rabbithole. It's worth the wait for the cups.

- Fran Lam - Knockbox Coffee Company - Very clear and broad spectrum cups. Unfortunately, I had too little of her cups for a long while.

Honorary mentioning

- Tsuyoshi Mok and Pinky Leung - Accro Coffee - Siphon only. Very textbook-like cup ie all the tasting notes are there. With all the tasting notes in the brew, the cup will definitely light any score card up like a Christmas tree. Nitpicking is that I would say this is a very digital like, ie lots of pieces of information/detail, vs. 'analog' cups where things seem to be more coherent vs. brewers in the list above delivered. Still very interesting to try and a must if you are anywhere near Accro.
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