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Souvenir for coffee enthusiasts from Thailand:

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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
文章: 294

發表發表於: 星期四 十月 28, 2010 9:38 pm    文章主題: Souvenir for coffee enthusiasts from Thailand: 引言回覆

These are coffee I found from Indie cafes/roasters in Bangkok, Thailand and just post here for your information. I have some more coming and will post it when I'm done drinking them. Feel free to comment both for and against.

These coffee make good souvenir from Bangkok!

boblam 在 星期四 十月 28, 2010 10:05 pm 作了第 1 次修改
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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
文章: 294

發表發表於: 星期四 十月 28, 2010 9:55 pm    文章主題: Thai Typica from Doi Saked, Chiang Mai, Thailand 引言回覆

A month with Thai Typica

Thai Typica, Doi Saked, Chiangrai, Thailand from P&F Coffee, Bangkok

I was impressed with Thai Typica from P&F Coffee last time I visited Bangkok. One of my friends from Thailand happened to be in Hong Kong so I'm happy to get this green bean to roast different from P&F to see how it performs.

And I was not disappointed at all. As I expect, it performed better at a much lighter roast and I suggest this green bean as a souvenir from Bangkok for coffee enthusiast.

Again, I like to thank both Khun Sirida of P&F Coffee for the coffee and all the trouble and Landy and Shing at for its custom roasting capability to coffee enthusiast in HK and coffee lovers that tried this coffee and provided opinions on this coffee.

For your information, I have no financial reward from P&F and anybody. I just think it would be nice to chronicle my taste of this coffee and share my notes with all of you... Comment/criticism both for and against are more than welcome...

Left to right and top to bottom: Full City roast, 16 hrs after roasting, Oily stuff on the surface, French Press' trademark, Lots of bloom = freshly roast

I will start according to timeline. First, almost 1 day old after roasting at Full City. I was surprised the smell of the coffee bean in the bag was not really pleasant and inviting like most coffee from other countries I have had so far.

In the presspot (mine is Hario double walled Cafepresso), coffee has some nutty overtone but not that offending... Also, some not so refined acidity which is neither sweet nor harsh. At this point, it reminds me of typical brazil but not as nice or as soft.

Before I brewed this cup, quite a few of us try the coffee right after roasting... I know it's a no-no but we took into account the brightness of the cup and the like for just roasted coffee. They can also sense what I mentioned here plus some buttery, nuts and the lack of 'zing' in the cup as we also had other coffees at the same time.

In all, not really impressive but nothing really bad. Middle of the road kinda thing!

Left to right and top to bottom: I like brewing my coffee at 200+/-5F while this part of the world preferred lower temp like 80ish celcius, Nice light brown without oil. The bean taste easily shine vs. oily beans. No worry about rancid, Still lots of cream as this is 42 hours after roasting

This is when things got very interesting and everything started to look up.

Another batch of this coffee was roasted to City to City Plus (C+). 42 hours after roasting, I like this coffee. It's not as good as generic bean from other famous/known region but it's quite charming in a way.

The bean has a “candy like” aroma which is very different from other coffee I had. This is the first time I have this kind of smell from the coffee I’ve ever bought as far as I can remember. No spice smell like its FC roast which suited me well.

In the french press, the coffee was definitely a bit too bright and too harsh from a first sip onward on acidity, likely due to the light roast which needs to rest a bit longer than its darker counterpart. To me, this is a much better coffee roast level than its FC.

Other unique attribute I haven’t experience before was it is the first time that I found the sweetness of the cup coming quite late than the bright acidity. I wish they came out at the same time which should contribute to a much better cup.

Nut tone was there but much less than what I could say bothersome and much easier to notice in the aftertaste. Also, the candy-like smell in the bean itself finally show up in the aftertaste too. I haven’t had this kind of aftertaste before so it’s nice.

And I can finish the cup happily... Smile For me, this is not a small feat. I would rather throw away the coffee if it was off without thinking


With Crystal Geyser water, a more pH neutral with some mineral in it, the acidity was just right, snappy but not too forward. The similar water to Crystal Geyser like Volvic can be used too which was very sweet, a crowd pleaser for the second time I brought the coffee to give coffee lovers a trial.

How much does the water help?
With the clearer water from Crystal Geyser, the sweetness was much better to come by. Now, the acidity and sweetness rides on each other in a very nice way. Perfect

The nutty aftertaste was still there but very tame. Of course, it would be great if it’s not there but this world is not perfect so it’s acceptable.

My usual water is a Brita jug filter water which suits me well as I love acidity and work well with almost all coffee I had so far except coffee from Thailand.
I don’t really like a coffee from paper drip… Too subdue overall in tone and the press pot aced it in all fronts.

Left to right and top to bottom: Wow, 205F almost breach the 200+/-5 limit. It's not bitter though!, Lots of bloom means it's freshly roasted... No, one can't lie by the look! Very Happy , The one on the right is a bit shinier than others hope you can notice the melange blend

Melange blend: Since I had two bags of different roast, why don't we mix? This seemed to be the trend in Single Origin espresso these days to allow the character at both roast levels to complement each other. As I like City more so the blend is 2 part City+ and 1 part Full City.

The resulting cup: Not as good as C+ only and the resulting cup is somewhat in between, as expected.

First sip, somewhat balanced cup but not charming any more as the acidity snap was gone. The cup was kinda murky than City and was not acidic enough. The good thing is that the sweetness came much faster and somehow with a nicer tone/balance than the harsher sweetness in the City only. A nutty aftertaste is somewhat bothering than City but not as much as FC.. This is expected though. A very nice sweetness at the end too.. so it’s good and bad

Left to right, then top to bottom: FC at 1 week. Notice the oily surface = no good!, 3 week after roast, oily and rancid beans beyond salvageable, 2 week after roast FC with more prominent oily surface, 1 week after roasting in french press, Still blooming but rancid cup... I can't finish it, Lots of bloom at 2 week after roast
The FC roast went steadily down hill after the first week.

Droplet of oil started to show on the surface of the bean from week 1 onward, not a good sign. This is sort of a beginning of an ‘early’ ending. The coffee went from drinkable but not impressive to middle of the road in 2nd week and rancid in the third week which pretty much reached the stage for me to stop drinking and throw the bean away.

No more acidity snap in this cup and pretty much a blunt/stuffy for the earlier week. The cup was prominently diluted peanut butter in week 2 with some faint sweetness without charm and turn rancid/atrocious in the third week.

This roast level, typically giving me a decent cup for other beans, was definitely not what I would suggest… However… Read on..

Left to right, then top to bottom: 3 week after FC roast, oily and rancid, 3 wk old FC+ roasted by P&F in Bangkok... Very oily, Good potential with acidity+sweetness. Too roasty but not rancid as the bag was just opened, The accompanied brew of this 3wk FC

At three weeks, this coffee matched what I bought ‘off the shelf’ from P&F of the same coffee, the only similarity these two beans had.

My three-week-old bean was, in a word, atrocious, rancid, all the bad things in exposed coffee, you name it.

The coffee from P&F, despite its dark roast, still retained a nice acidity and sweetness. Of course, the FC+ roast level will result in a dark roasty tone which I don’t like.

This is the importance of the exposure to air on the coffee. Please keep it in the well sealed container with as little exposure to air as much as possible.

You can read more on P&F coffee on P&F Single Origin Offerings which I posted earlier in the photo section on Thai coffee bean…

To make the long story short, super oily coffee FC+ from P&F went the same way as my FC, ending its drinkable cup dotted with a strong acidity 1 week after I opened the bag. It was rancid beyond rescue.

Left to right, then top to bottom: 1 wk... no oil!, Look, Ma! 4 weeks after roast and no oil... Smile, Three week... no oil... the benefit of lighter roast, Two week after roasting... Still no oil! Smile , Less blooming but it is still there.. Nuttiness starts to show up... Sad , Less bloom as it aged... The cup was still nice but pass its prime, Drinkable cup... What do you expect coffee this old will give you!, Nice blooming. A bit too fresh but I like the dominant acidity in the cup

Back to City+ roast

The coffee bean is quite mesmerizing by itself with lots of candy like/maple syrup tone which is very different from other coffee beans. I enjoyed checking out the aroma almost all day opening the cabinet to get an air of sweet candy factory like kinda thing. Very charming

The coffee seemed to peak in about two weeks after roasting and went downhill after that which is more of a norm of freshly roasted coffee.

I like the coffee within the window of the first two weeks after roasting when the coffee was mostly dominated by acidity and sweetness. The acidity died down from week three onward, allowing the nuttiness to rear its ugly head up, IMHO.

While the 2-3 week time frame gave a more balanced cup, I would rather do away with this balance so I could avoid nuttiness as much as I could. However, if you love nut, this period will be a thing for you. In a way, this coffee reminded me of Hoffman’s Winter Espresso in that I love the ‘unbalanced’ 1 week cup which was acidity laden (mostly nice marmalade) and was a balanced cup with nutty tone showed up rather prominent about 2 week after roast, the time that Hoffman suggested consumer to rest his coffee.

By the fourth week the coffee passed its prime but was still drinkable I can still finish the cup.

Left to right then top to bottom: Double strength brewing in Mellita into iced cube so no dilution!, City roast Thai Typica by

Two other brewing methods for City+ (no use to do anything with the lagging Full City) including paper drip and iced coffee. Both gave a so-so cup to me, resulting in no follow up of the cup as time passed

Paperdrip (I forgot to take the pic)
The overall cup was way too subdued but all the tasting is still there. I prefer press pot much more due to its intensity. Nevertheless, this is a more balance cup though the acidity and sweetness in the cup can’t tame the ‘blunt’ nuttyness sometimes. Still good even you add sugar and milk but still prefer press for black.

Iced coffee:
With Brita water, nothing interesting in particularly. Blunt acidity which was neither sweet nor charming… Low nutty tone is a good thing but I felt the coffee was kinda not crisp enough even with ice, not a good sign and unlike ice coffee by Kenyan or bright Central bean that I like. Not a memorable one but no obvious defect/bad things, not as fruity as typical African nor bright and sweet like Central Am in ice coffee, ie so so kinda thing. May be nice with sugar but I still can manage to finish it black so it's not way too bad.

left to right then top to bottom: FC: 2 week after roasting.. more oil and destruction was under way (remove tag), FC: 3 week after roasting: Stale and rancid beyond rescue (remove tag), FC+: 3 weeks by P&F. Tasty and no rancid but oily surface means short life (remove tag), FC: 1 week after roasting... Oily surface (remove tag), Full City roast, 16 hrs after roasting (remove tag), City+: 2 weeks after roasting, peak here (remove tag), City to City+: 42 hours after roasting (remove tag), City+: 1 week after roasting, clean and dry surface.. Nice..Smile (remove tag), City+: 3 weeks. Lighter roast and no oil makes a decent cup still (remove tag), City+: 4 weeks dry and drinkable though it showed its age

Thank you for reading through all the pages.. Comment/opinion both for and against are all welcome.

I like to thank for making this thing happened. allows me to try different roast level for as low as 200g of coffee. So, for me this is a home roasting without a sweat!

Also, thank you very much for Khun Sirada of P&F Coffee in Bangkok that bear with me with this coffee and the future one to come.

My final note is on the experience. It wouldn’t be easy for any tourist that dropped by Bangkok to pick up a bag of this coffee of the shelf. The main reason is that the roast profile at P&F for this Doi Saked/Thai Typica coffee was on a rather dark side at FC+, which, in my opinion, won’t allow this coffee to shine. The souvenir to get from Bangkok for coffee lovers is its green bean counterpart and ask somebody in Hong Kong to roast the bean on a lighter side, which I believe, allows the coffee to show its full potential.

I was quite disappointed at Full City roast level though I believe it might have something to do with a small batch roasting at that mistakes can easily happen. I had no more new bean to repeat the process so please take this thing in mind and don’t be hesitate to try FC on this bean if that’s the level that you like… Just buy a bit more of green bean to try…

Lastly, I would call this coffee bean, “Beauty of the Imperfection”. Why? It does not have a clear character that was quite distinct like coffee that I have earlier. Nevertheless, there’s a beauty in itself with a combination of unique candy like fragrance and nice acidity+sweetness which was quite unique for me up to this minute. While trying this coffee, I felt I missed lots of coffee I could have had from various countries with a more distinct/clear character, I still feel anytime I down the Thai Typica the charm in the cup that is quite mesmerizing. If you ask me direct, I probably cannot have just this coffee for an extended period of time but don’t mind have it again once in a while. Actually, I suggest its green bean as one of the best souvenir from Bangkok for coffee enthusiast outside the country.

For more info for this coffee, here's the link
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註冊時間: 2006-04-04
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發表發表於: 星期五 十月 29, 2010 1:13 am    文章主題: 引言回覆

Very Interesting. Really wanna try different kind of coffee from different origin.

Off-topic: my friend bought me a bottle of Gold Label Sriracha from Thailand last week~ XDDDD
路邊野花不要採 路邊貓貓要疼愛
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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
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發表發表於: 星期五 十月 29, 2010 10:57 pm    文章主題: 引言回覆

Yes, the bean is quite interesting.

Let me know how you like the Gold Label Sriracha sauce.

Next one will be this 88.9pt green bean from

If one compares the green bean score from to the roast bean score from, one can see that it's about the same and on quite a few occasion, scores of roast bean is higher. This means this dry processed Lisumi Estate from Doi Chaang, Chiangmai, Thailand has a very good potential. Some local cafe tried and loved it.

But I need to rest for a while and no time to do it so you might be able to try it by yourself in Hong Kong later if things work out.
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註冊時間: 2009-08-22
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發表發表於: 星期日 十月 31, 2010 8:00 am    文章主題: 引言回覆

wow....miss good coffee Laughing
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註冊時間: 2006-11-21
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發表發表於: 星期五 十一月 05, 2010 11:50 pm    文章主題: 引言回覆

A great read, thanks Bob

Do you still got some green beans left? So I can roasted a bit of it myself and try it with my syphon..

With syphons, maybe I can bring those candy-like aromas into the cup..
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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
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發表發表於: 星期六 十一月 06, 2010 4:35 am    文章主題: 引言回覆

Thks, Nelf

Sorry, no more of this one... I'm waiting for the 88.9pt (green bean review) dry processed Lisumi which I'm still not sure whether I will get it. If I did, I'll share
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註冊時間: 2010-03-26
文章: 25

發表發表於: 星期日 十一月 07, 2010 4:11 pm    文章主題: 引言回覆

Excellent write up! I usually don't read these forums because I can't read Cantonese. But I'm glad I came across your post!
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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
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發表發表於: 星期日 十一月 07, 2010 7:52 pm    文章主題: 引言回覆

Thks vm Tom. Also, thks for your input too as you're one of the persons who tried this coffee too... The second round, you weren't there, was better as it's City roast and Volvic water.
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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
文章: 294

發表發表於: 星期三 十一月 10, 2010 10:48 pm    文章主題: A word of caution 引言回覆

You may be very frustrated trying to get coffee from Indie in Thailand.

Some didn't have a well planned schedule ahead that they can tell you exactly what day of the week they roast the coffee.

Sometimes, the website wasn't up to date they don't offer coffee advertised on the web any more or needs a special order.

Sometimes the shop mentioned they roast the coffee almost every day but actually it's more like every two to three days.

The roast level is also different. The "medium" roast could mean Full City+ and the medium light could be just Full City. Most Thai like dark roasted bean to match sweet and creamy iced coffee. So, bear in mind when the roaster said I roasted light (it's more like FC+ for us). Ask them exactly when they pull the bean will give you a better sense of the roast level.

The dream of snatching a bag of the shelf could land you weeks old coffee or such coffee you like is not available. Even you email the shop ahead for weeks, when time comes, you just need to pray you get the right coffee at a fresh enough interval so it could fit into your schedule of drinking. Also, a little pray helps and sometimes, I just want to forget about it and just call Landy so I can just pick a nice coffee within half an hour and fresh to your roast level.. Sad
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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
文章: 294

發表發表於: 星期三 十一月 17, 2010 9:27 pm    文章主題: Bluekoff Medium Roast A4 引言回覆

I am updating this coffee despite I'm still in the middle of it as I think it would be nice for those who visited Thailand during the holiday season to get this coffee as a souvenir.

***Mind you that the buying experience is not its forte and please make sure that the coffee is available in the condition you would like to have. Take me as a sacrificial lamb on all the frustration/flummox in getting this coffee to Hong Kong in its prime condition. I put this complaint up hoping one will understand if they have difficulties get the bean or, the better case, this won't happen again as the owner of Bluekoff is receptive and improve its buying experience accordingly. Good luck!!!***

Bluekoff Medium Roast - 89pt Dec 2009 (old lot)

There are two version of the coffee, one reviewed by coffeereview in Dec 09 and received 89pt, the other in Nov 2010 for 90pt.
Nov 2010:
Dec 2009:
The A4 is the one Bluekoff sent to coffeereview though there's nothing on its website that says anything on this issue

However, this is very confusing. Initially, the 90pt was supposed to be named differently but mis-communication results in the same name of both coffees. In fact, the 90pt version was roasted lighter and will be available next year, according to a webpage posted by the owner.

Another coffee Bluekoff sent to coffeereview is its Peaberry of the same coffee. A big and good surprise is its Peaberry, the first time on coffeereview AFAIK, that 'skyrockets' to 93 pt! An impressive act from Thai roasters out of nowhere where lots haven't heard the name before and some even 'sneered' when one mentioned coffee from Thailand.

This coffee is sourced in the famous Doi Chaang area in Chiang Rai, the top most province in Thailand and processed, all by Blue-Koff

In case you're interested, here's the contact
Tel: 66-2955-5680
Cellphone: 6683-608-8000 , 6689-115-6866 , 6686-6222866

Left to right: No valve bag, The design on the side is bland. Should have add some comment/recommended brew recipe. Luckily, the bean was relatively dry, despite some roasty tone on the bean chew

This is a coffee I received on Friday after the arduous communication process and quite difficult to convey the message with Bluekoff in Bangkok to get the coffee in at the right time. Please bear in mind when you want to get coffee from Bluekoff as uncertainties, unclear ordering and lots are huge deterrents in getting this good coffee, so much so I want to give up ordering as I kinda lost confident. Also, some basic questions on coffee will not be answered/overlooked as this is the coffee season which, according to the owner, kept them busy!

Once you pass this stage, if you did, this coffee makes a great souvenir for coffee lover "off the shelves", the first one I can say this from Thailand.

The coffee bag has no valve so the bag started swelling a lot even this was five day post roasting. Should have put it in a valve bag unless Bluekoff can convey the reason.

Also, the design rethinking is sorely needed to make the product as attractive as what's in the bag. So far, this looks like something I would left deep behind in the shelf... As far as I remembered, Bangkok Espresso Lab and P&F did a much better job than this. As such, I think homegrown talent should be able to help Bluekoff on this front.

In short, lots of works can be done to improve the customer's experience at Bluekoff and a little means a lot here, IMHO.

I hope I'm "the only sacrificial lamb" here so that others will have a better service and buying experience than what I have.

The coffee reminded me of Kitamura Coffee in Hong Kong but it has a much more balanced cup with a roasty sweetness aftertaste more likely due to darker roast profile.

After about the week, the bean seemed to be shiny, indicating oil on the surface which, to me, is a countdown. Nevertheless, the same coffee as Barista Jam looked pristine.

In a way, the cup reminded me of generic Colombia one can't help wondering why we bother to get the coffee and how come it scores so well. Blame it on my tastebud as only after I compare it side-by-side I realized Bluekoff was much tastier though the taste profile was quite similar.

For espresso, I turned to Barista Jam

The ristretto has a clear grapefruit tasting note that I didn’t find in filtered coffee, ie acidic and a hint of bitterness from the rind or something like that. The sweetness came in the aftertaste, not much but noticeable. This coffee wasn’t really charming by itself as espresso but not bad

In Capp, the coffee is interesting. On Bluekoff's website, it said
"ใส่นมเป็นลาเต้ก็อร่อย มีAcidนิดๆ กำลังเหมาะเลย"
(Also delicious in Latte with just-right acidity)

My take was the Capp has a very mild taste but complement with the whole capp quite well.. It’s as if one ‘spiked’ the froth milk with some syrup and the coffee just offers only as some backbone. If you haven’t tried a ‘refreshing’ Capp, this is the one to try and, surprisingly, I think of summer while I sipped it.

This is not your typical Capp where coffee exerts itself clearer but more of a nice drink with some backbone/a hint of coffee which makes the drink very interesting, a departure from the norm of domineering coffee in this drink. Some would say the coffee was 'overwhelmed' by the milk but I think this is quite interesting, a nice change.

All the acidity is still there but you have to look a bit toward the end of the drink. Sweet, a hint of acidic, no chocolate tone, this is quite an interesting cup to try once in a while. If you feel bored with a typical Capp, this A4 coffee will give a new meaning to the milk drink.

I'll report back on this coffee over time then.
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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
文章: 294

發表發表於: 星期六 五月 19, 2012 1:09 am    文章主題: Thai Coffee 2011/2012 引言回覆

These are notes I put on my facebook a long while back but kinda owe both Bluekoff and Roast that I haven't had time to really put it on. The info is a bit dated but I think it's better late than never. Enjoy
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註冊時間: 2007-05-04
文章: 294

發表發表於: 星期六 五月 19, 2012 1:46 am    文章主題: Bluekoff Coffee - December 2011 引言回覆

Bluekoff Coffee offering as of Dec 2011. I was told the current crop will last until July 2012 when the new crop will be available at the time.

Among all coffee for this round, Hama blend is the best and the one I suggest you to buy as a souvenir

Bluekoff A4 (Full City - 1 wk after roasting): It's as if opening a bag of peanut when I cut the bag open. The bean chew was nothing memorable while the 80C Aeropress at drip brew was quite bitter to begin with but with somewhat harsher acidity than coffee I had earlier when it cooled down. Sweet aftertaste and clean with some nuttiness in there but with a delayed sweetness in not a nice way like a fruit that was not properly ripened with an added sugar.

In all, similar character to light roast Colombia with harsher acidity. Brewing at a higher temp of 90C yield a more balance cup with a nice sweetness all the way and the harsh acidity was much less to an acceptable to a nice touch though it's still far and away from what I consider high score and not as good as 2009 crop I had last time.

January 4, 2012: Bluekoff A4+A5 1:1 - Mixed feeling
As espresso: 1:1 feels so so n somewhat dirty/roasty type with nothing interesting in particular. Not nice as SO espresso and wonder why it's getting a high score of 90pt frm coffeereview. Suspect it's from French roast A5 as culprit. Also, people I know do not like this blend at all whether as espresso or with milk.

Bluekoff A4 (2 weeks after roasting): Two weeks after roasting date and about 1 week after the bag was opened, the A4 coffee from Bluekoff seemed to settle in a bit.

Dry aroma has a prominent woodsy feel to it with little to no peanut trace like its peaberry counterpart. The coffee even at lower temp of 180F (82C) was much more drinkable as the harsh acidity is much more subdued likely due to the start of the deterioration of the coffee at 2 wk point on the back of plane ride which should accelerated its aging process. The cup was now much sweeter and drinkable even vs what I hv over the weekend as the harsh acidity took a back seat now.

The coffee has some kind of cooking spice tone in the cup, more akin to those used in Thai food though I don't like it. Also some chocolate finish which felt somewhat dirty/earth like at the end. With such complexities, sweetness but harsh acidity that turned tamer now with signs of aging, the coffee is really drinkable though not the coffee at the top of my list and definitely not sure what I think of 90pt coffee.

However, at the price point that this coffee was offered, this makes a great cup that shows coffee can have this level of complexity, sweetness, herbal with acidity to boot. It's a good teaching coffee for me on how good coffee can be so one can try a lot either to improve the palate, brewing technique, etc. The coffee can really take heat even brewing up to 212F which changes the taste profile toward chocolate while lower temp stress on acidity, not nice but interesting. The coffee really has lots of faces and interesting in a way though it is not quite what I call delicious I prefer generic n simple Colombia more for my taste. YMMV

Bluekoff's Peaberry: dry aroma of intense peanut, sweet bark/tree/wood.
In the cup at 200F (94c) is quite acidic but not beautiful, rather harsh which reminds me of generic Kenya though it's more harsh acidity that I don't really like. Lower temp at 190f ; (90c) give an even more acidic cup which is among one of the few time I don't like acidity.

I'm not Kenyan fan so I don't really like this coffee. There is some sweetness in the cup as with most high score coffee but it's less natural,
closer to an added sugar to a not properly ripened fruit. The 2009 crop I had was way much better than this one but considering the price, the coffee is ok.

January 3, 2012: Hama Espresso Blend: Bluekoff espresso house blend
Roaster: Bluekoff
Component: Central America as base and low notes from Asia bean, with top notes from Africa bean.
Roast level: Light espresso roast (Agtron # around 55)
Roaster's Brew Parameter:
11.5-12.5g of ground coffee on single shot.
Extraction time: 25-28s.

Roaster's tasting note -- On Dalla Corte Super Mini: Apricot like, with purple berries, cedar, caramel, silky mouthfeel, with caramel sweetness, not so long aftertaste, clean finished. the fruits turn to lemon when espresso was with milk.

Roaster Caution: This blend was quite much acid. Be careful of astringency from too much coffee in basket.

My take: espresso blend from Bluekoff with latin American, Asia pacific (incl Thai bean) and Africa ( my guess is Sidamo): nice pomelo/orange peel, very sweet all the way till finish with intriguing spice at the end with some faint peanut note which is not offensive at all. Just right mouthfeel. I really enjoy this blend an the price is right too.

***This espresso house blend from Bluekoff is highly recommended!!! A great souvenir for coffee lover from Bangkok!!!***

Warning: The blend was not shown on its website as of now. I don't understand why they don't want to show this excellent blend away from the customer, particularly at this price point!

As the website is all in Thai, please use these detail if you want to contact Arez Bluekoff

Tel: 66 2 955-5680
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Roast Coffee & Eatery

Roast is a sort of new kid on the block in cafe scene in Bangkok and some will say that this is a few of the genuine third wave style in Thailand vs. other cafes that needs to focus on darker roasted coffee to fit Thai styled iced (condensed) milk coffee that used espresso as base, a misnomer/so-called "iced espresso" in Thailand. If you don't have much time and want an Indie in Bangkok like what you experience in the style of the US, Roast is the place. Iced espresso is one of the best selling menu in most cafe but the local who knows coffee really don't want to talk about much. As long as it makes money, it's OK I guess.

The Journey blend: Roast Coffee & Eatery's house blend
Roast date: December 27, 2011 92 point, October 2011
Roaster: Giesen (likely 3kg - same as Social Coffee Company of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada I believe)

Complex and very sweet. Surprisingly not much roasty taste at all vs the low agtron number. I thought this is just another coffee blend but it's not. The long aftertaste of sweetness is superb though the hint of spice/dirt likely from Sumatra notch it down only a little bit

I didn't expect this coffee to be this good though the weakness is the price, around $160 which is very expensive vs other choices in this price range. However, if you are living in Thailand, you have already tolerated this issue so it's one of the best in the country for sure.
— at Roast Coffee & Eatery.

This is a complimentary bag from Roast as it's indicated that it's testing the roast profile of espresso for coffee from this farm.

The Doi Chaang SO Dry Process espresso roast - from Khun Varuth's farm - tastes really yummy with a very clear and distinct taste that show case how a good roaster can help the so so bean becomes extraordinary. Also, very positive rating from the roaster I trust on this coffee and roast profile, ie easy to recognize all the tasting note with clean and clear tasting.

While the coffee was not that distinct as is typical Thai bean, acidity and sweetness were there in my cup. Really nice body for SO Thai bean which reminded me of Colombia but this one has a very smooth and sweet profile.

A bit dirty on the finish to me but don't bother me much and typical for Thai bean. Very interesting coffee/roast profile indeed if Roast decided to carry this coffee bean. In fact, it's the quality of the coffee bean that pulls down the roaster's ability, not the other way round.
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