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Cafe Deadend - Sheung Wan

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發表發表於: 星期二 十月 09, 2012 11:26 pm    文章主題: Cafe Deadend - Sheung Wan 引言回覆

***Jonathan Fan, the barista that run this place when I paid a visit, left Cafe Deadend for quite some time and these words below are irrelevant to the experience one may have at Cafe Deadend from now on***.

I was told a new barista is an experienced one but since I have not yet tried it since Jonathan left, I can vouch for him.

Also, I was told that the blend used at this place may be finally changed for something better, IMHO. I think the change of the roaster is in the right direction. Whether it takes a new barista to realize the change is needed and whether the coffee previously used has dogged the skill or even dragged down barista's reputation, I don't really know.

Thus I need to put this thing in quote for now and will update it once I visited.***

After the moving of Knockbox Coffee Company out of Sheung Wan area, it is as if there is the big gap to fill in. Even Knockbox of yesteryear could not compete with Knockbox these days that moves leap and bound breaking barrier.

The front of the shop

So, it’s really hard to fill a big shoe like that in Sheung Wan area. Nevertheless, one good news I haven’t heard quite a while is the arrival of the artisan baker Po’s Atelier and its aim to open a café at the back called Cafe Deadend!

The shop's entrance which is at the back of Po's Atelier

As the machine suggested, one looks for an older school espresso.

At this point in time, Cafe Deadend only served espresso based coffee with Nuova Simonelli Appico espresso machine and Anfim Super Caimano Titanium grinder. The coffee was from Five Senses which is close to Perth in Australia.

Coffee used at Cafe Deadend, right behind Po's Atelier.

Caffe Latte: At the high end of my acceptable temperature range. Still the milk, Pura, is surprisingly sweet in the cup. If lower the temp, good texture can be felt. It's a milk drink but u can still feel the dirtiness from this Colombia SO coffee. Not the barista fault. Only if they change the roaster,

Colombia SO in espresso - probably one of the nicer one for Colombia SO I have had. Pomelo like and sweet.

But at the back it's quite dirty I want to rinse my mouth with soda water even the bean looks very light in roasting. Its roast date is onSeptember 20, 12 from Five Senses on the West side of Australia - Rockingham, closes to Perth. Not the Melbourne ones. The roaster is the problem here.

$18/1 Danish at Po's Atelier. I'm in a wrong profession. Surprised

Po's Atelier: Luxury Carb at HK$18 each!!! and $$$ Surprised

Sun dried tomato and goat cheese Danish, the lower one is mesmerizing with just enough savory and sweetness from tomato a d the flaky base which left quite a few oil on the bag but not the feel in your mouth. I'm long for a good filter coffee as the espresso will be too overwhelmed for this delicate pastry. However, cafe Deadend doesn't serve filter co
ffee. A huge loss!

The upper one is more on a desert. Again flaky Danish rules with just a right amount of sweetness. It should go well with Central American hand drip which should accentuate each other real nice. Smile

I wish I have these things everyday but at $18 a pop, once in a blue moon is what I can afford. Sad

The folk at Po’s Atelier are baker, not coffee person so they rest their trust on a Melbourne girl who works in cafe worldwide to set up this Cafe Deadend and I was told she should be joining the place before year end. Meanwhile, the restriction of espresso drink only at Cafe Deadend is a huge waste of talent on the current barista who is, to me, one of the leading hand drip barista in Hong Kong with coffee qualification that is hard to find among Hong Kong barista, let alone barista at any other places be it in Hong Kong or overseas. This barista is an important part of hand drip coffee scene in Hong Kong who helped make the hand drip brew from its obscure corner of the coffee bar in Hong Kong to currently achieve a status of a serious coffee drink at most good cafe in Hong Kong. It’s as if Cafe Deadend only uses half of what it pays to this barista. In the meantime, the customer was deprived of a good drip coffee that Knockbox leaves a big hole up there when it decides to move to Mong Kok.

Not that it will match Knockbox level as other factors come to play, be it bean choice, the vision of the proprietor, etc that I see no one will be able to take that status away from Knockbox at this point in time in Hong Kong. But at least it partially helps make up for the good old days in the Sheung Wan area. And I doubt whether the barista is happy he can only do espresso and left his skill on hand drip rusted! I consider Hong Kong cafe scene partly owed him the success of drip brew which allows these cafe to be able to charge a much higher $$$ per cup on filtered coffee vs. ‘fast’ coffee like espresso. Not that his espresso is not good, it’s decent but wouldn’t it be nice to give him more freedom to do whatever he does best, hand drip coffee, and benefit us all

Cafe Deadend
72 Po Hing Fong, Hong Kong
Tue - Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
6716 7005
Cash Only
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